Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mornings with Ray Hanania Thu 8.5.2010

As usual the the Media Meturgeman spent his morning workout listening WJJG 1530 ever-entertaining Ray Hanania. Even though sidekick/producer Kathrine Swain had the day off you can always count on for solo hijinks. I tuned in to (a bit of a misnomer since I actually listen to the audio stream of his broadcast on my iPhone) the show as Ray was posing this morning's hot question: "Who is most hated" Hanania went on to list public figures he considers his most hated including, Osama Bin Laden, former Illinois governor Blagojevich, and President Obama.

About half way though the first hour Ray was joined by fellow comedian and veteran Chicago media personality Aaron Freeman. They had a deliciously rollicking 15 minutes of fun with them sympathizing with Blago and Freeman dubbing him "The OJ Simpson of politics."

Ray also talked to Lebanese human rights activist Wafa Kanan about the glossy new Al Qaeda magazine it's a perfect companion to their reality TV series, "War of the Oppressed People." Ray,

I'm only a little disappointed that there was no talk of Ray's excellent recent column in the Jerusalem Post. Ah well, there is always tomorrow!

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